The Music

A Little Princess Song List

  1. Overture
  2. Do You Believe? – Haunting ballad sung by the Lady
  3. Of The Populace – Set in the marketplace, choreography, upbeat, with meter changes for: Cast Chorus, Pearl, Alf, Miss Minchin, Sara, Captain. Crewe, Eddie, Chorus Solos
  4. All Girls Are Princesses – Duet Ballad for: Capt. Crewe, Sara
  5. The French Lesson Fugue – “Frantic classroom fugue” Fun choreography with books & chairs, concludes with voices in four parts for: Seminary Girls, Sara, Pierre, Amelia, Miss Minchin
  6. That’s What Angels Do – Beautiful ballad in minor, Solo with a “choir of angels” for: Sara, Seminary Girls (excluding Lottie), Becky
  7. Boogie Woogie Fly Boy – Upbeat Boogie with dance break for: Amelia, Seminary Girls, Sara, Becky
  8. Rules – Secret gathering in Sara’s room, the girls vent: Ermendgarde, Becky, Jessie, Ruth, Mary, Lottie, Sara & Seminary extras
  9. What Are We To Do? – Plotting pseudo Tango: Miss Minchin & Mr. Barrow
  10. If I Could – Powerful Closing to Act One, Ballad: Sara, Entire Cast, Chorus Solos
  11. The Comedy, The Tragedy of War – Comic update for Captain Crewe. Sung by the three resistance fighters Henri, Jacques and Charles
  12. Somewhere, Someone – Contemplative solo ballad: Captain Crewe
  13. Pies – Fun Polka type with shifty monger section, dance break: Cook, Sara, Becky, Alf, Cast Chorus, Chorus Solos
  14. Tell Me Now – Ballad Duet, parting song: Pierre & Amelia
  15. Of The Populace Reprise – Brief reprise, Slow: Cast Chorus
  16. What Are We To Do? Reprise – More pseudo conniving tango: Miss Minchin, Mr Barrow
  17. Hidden Souls – Mystical Ballad: Ram Dass, Seminary Girls, Becky
  18. The Magic – Upbeat with exciting two-part harmony: Sara, Becky
  19. That’s What Angels Do Reprise – Conclusion: Captain Crewe, Sara, Pearl, Alf Amelia, Seminary Girls, Becky
  20. Boogie Woogie Fly Boy Reprise – Bows, upbeat swing

Songs listed above are orchestrated for piano, flute, violin, viola, cello, bass, and drums. Performances may be accompanied by a piano or a small pit orchestra.